About Megan


I'm the quirky chick from Milwaukee that owns and runs The Busy Bee. I create products that show off the places and things that you love with original designs on apparel, stationery and home goods. I believe that being yourself is one of the keys to happiness. Showing your quirks is what makes the true connection to others genuine and authentic. The Busy Bee is all about capturing the “real you” in apparel and goods that start conversations. 

At The Busy Bee, functionality is seamlessly combined with affordability. With a pinch of love and a heaping of hard work, each product is created with a delicious style. I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Design and support multiple non-profits and their design needs.

When I’m not knitting, crafting or cooking up something fresh, I can be found running with my Australian Cattle Dog “Lacy”, binge-watching 30 Rock or scouring Pinterest to see what new hobby to start next.

Work with me right now by shooting me an email at!