Easy DIY Wall Art (Yes, You Can Totally Do It!)

Looking for an easy room DIY to do this weekend? Look no further. This tutorial is super easy and takes about an hour from start to finish. 

To make your own easy peasy room DIY canvas, gather the following:

  • 2 shades of acrylic paint—one in a color of your choice and one in a metallic color
  • A blank canvas (the one I used was a 12×12″ from Michaels)
  • A paintbrush (cheap ones work great!)

Got everything? You go, Glenn Coco. Let’s move on.

With the color of your choice (the non-metallic one, people), paint 2 coats onto the blank canvas. 2 coats is not MANDATORY, but it really gives the canvas a clean and finished look. Take the time to add that second coat.

Once you’re done with your second coat of paint, let the paint dry fully. Make sure the paint is totally dry before moving on, otherwise the two colors will blend together which isn’t the goal here.

Now for the final step! Take your metallic paint (I chose gold because it’s my fav) and paint rough strokes over one half of the canvas. The rougher the strokes, the cooler the painting looks. (Well, that’s my opinion but hey, whatever floats your boat).

As soon as the metallic paint is dry, hang the canvas up and admire your work you DIY diva. 

Until next time, my little bees!


The Busy Bee