How I Ate Like A Caveman And Loved It

[This is a sponsored post, but all of my views are 100% true!] 

If you’ve followed my blog for some time now you know two things: 1) I love to cook and bake and 2) I eat gluten and dairy free. When I started to develop even more dietary issues and sensitivities, I knew I needed to make a drastic change. I began eating Paleo (also known as the “Caveman Diet”) and my tummy finally began to thank me. For those of you who may not know exactly what the ham Paleo is, here are a few key facts:

  1. Eating Paleo means eating nutrient-rich, whole and fresh food, such as fresh meat, fish, eggs, fruit, veggies, nuts and healthful oils. This also means not consuming refined grains and sugars, processed meats, potatoes, corn, dairy, beans and alcohol. There are a few other “no-nos,” but you get the point.
  2. The diet was created on the fact that cavemen used to eat a basic menu (whatever was available to them). Everything they ate was high in protein and fiber and completely natural.

One issue that dissuaded me from eating Paleo was the high amount of coconut flour that is used in cooking and baking. Coconut flour (along with my ol’ faithful almond flour) are the two main go-to flours on the Paleo diet. The issue with this for me is simple — I hate the taste of coconut. Trust me, I wish I loved it. Really, I do. This brought me to my main problem: what the ham am I supposed to eat and snack on? Sure fruits, veggies and nuts are great but man do they get old real fast. Enter my saving grace: the Paleo Life Box.

I’ve reviewed plenty of subscription boxes before, but this box took the cake. Why? The variety of products and brands! I had never heard of a majority of these products before, which I love. Discovering new treats (without putting in any effort) makes me do a happy dance. Before I dive into what was in my box, here’s a bit about how Paleo Life Box works:

  • Each month, subscribers receive 8 to 10 handpicked (and awesome) snacks from the best Paleo companies on the planet. Yes people. Planet. If you choose to order month-to-month, the boxes will cost $35 each. The more you commit to, the cheaper the box. You know the drill.
  • What to expect in a box: a mix of meat snacks, bars, cookies, veggie chips, granola, chocolate treats, seed and nut mixes, dried fruit and more. (all of which are Paleo-friendly, of course)
  • Boxes are shipped to the US and Canada. And, if you know of someone who is Paleo, you can gift them a box. You sneaky little minx, you.

Pumped yet? Knew it. Let’s dive into what was in my box:

  1. Wild Zora // Chili Beef Bar
    Medium-spicy chili bars with 100% grass-fed beef, organic sweet red bell peppers, kale, organic apricots and a kick of cayenne pepper
  2. Chomp’s Snack Sticks // Hoppin Jalapeno Sticks
    100% grass-fed beef. Mouthwatering, convenient snack sticks without nitrates, antibiotics or synthetics.
  3. Evo Hemp Bars // Apple Pecan Hemp Bar
    This raw, cold-pressed superfood bar blends figs, pecans, apple, hemp seeds, cinnamon and turmeric for a nutrient dense treat that tastes like a pecan pie.
  4. WB Kitchen // Ona Brownie Cookies
    Rich, soft brownies made with almond flour, chocolate, cacao nibs and walnuts
  5. RX Bar // Mint Chocolate Protein Bar
    Refreshing peppermint, rich cacao and crunchy almonds. 12 grams of egg white protein with no added sugar.
  6. Brick’s // Beef and Bacon Bar
    100% grass-fed beef, chopped cranberries, chunks of bacon, raw sunflower seeds and black pepper come together in this savory, sweet, nutrient dense bar.
  7. Four Sigma Foods // Mushroom Hot Cacao w/ Reishi
    This cacao powder comes packed with 500mg of Reishi Mushroom extract — a superfood thats known to balance hormones and is used as an anti-stress tonic. Enjoy it in 3.5oz of hot water (or coconut milk) at night to relax and wind down.
  8. Three Jerks Jerky // Memphis BBQ Filet Mignon Jerky
    Filet mignon beef creates the most tender beef jerky you’ve ever had. It’s topped with a slightly sweet BBQ dry rub that ends with a spicy kick from cayenne peppers.

Verdict: If you’re currently paleo or are thinking about starting a paleo lifestyle, definitely check out this box. The beauty is that you can just order one box to test it out and see if you like it (but I’m sure you’ll be ordering more!)

Until next time my loves,

The Busy Bee


PS- Here’s my live unboxing on Periscope!