Subscription Box Review: Nourish Snacks


The constant dilemma of anyone on a food-restrictive diet while on the go: what can I eat? Fast food restaurants are almost always out of the question, so what is a gluten and dairy free girl to do if she’s hungry but away from home?

Answer: Snacks on snacks. I’ve developed a pretty good rep amongst my friends and family as “the one that always has food on her.” Whatever, it’s true and I’m proud of it. You never know when you’re going to be stuck in a traffic jam with a stomach that is growling as loud as your dog in the backseat (love you, Lacy!)

But what snacks should I have on me, Megan? Oh sweet honey child, take a seat and read up on the list I’ve put together for you (I promise we’ll get to the Subscription Box Review on Nourish Snacks real soon!) Once you’ve loaded up your car’s arm rest compartment and the zipped portions of your purse with snacks, you’ll never find yourself hangry on the road again.

Great Gluten and Dairy Free Portable Snacks:

  • Granola Bars (Larabars and KIND Bars for the win!)
  • Portioned bags of Almonds, Cashews or mixed nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Gluten Free Pretzels
  • Dried Fruit or Fruit leathers
  • Portioned bags of cut veggies
  • Sliced apples or apple chips
  • Trail mix
  • Beef Jerky (Make sure this is Gluten Free!)
  • Gluten Free crackers

Okay. Time for the Nourish Snacks review, aka the best thing to ever happen to portable, healthy snacks. I first saw one of these bad boys while in line at Starbucks and I contacted Nourish Snacks to find out more about their company and the snacks that they sell.

Nourish Snacks was founded by NBC’s TODAY Show nutritionist, who created REAL food with REAL ingredients to take your snacking experience to the next level. Nourish Snacks has a ton of flavor combos that are (get ready): all under 200 calories, Gluten free, Dairy free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian and formulated with the perfect combo of protein, fiber and antioxidants (cue the parade and happy dancing).

Nourish Snacks flavors:

  • Mr. Popular: Half-popped corn kernels
  • Miss Popular: Dark chocolate, half-popped corn kernels
  • Hot & Popular: Spicy peanuts, half-popped corn kernels
  • Chili’n in the Corner: Citrus chili-roasted corn
  • Mocha-mazing: Cocoa-dusted almonds, mocha granola
  • Cocoa Loco: Dark chocolate chia-oat clusters
  • Monkey Love: Chocolate-banana granola bites
  • Coco’nilla Crunch: Crunchy coconut-vanilla granola bites
  • Coconut Chewphoria: Chewy coconut-almond bar
  • Cashew Colada: Chewy pineapple, sweet coconut, roasted cashews
  • Coconuts For You: Toasted coconut chia-oat clusters
  • Almond to Cherries: Roasted almonds, tart cherries
  • Granny’s Apple Pie: Cinnamon-spiced apples, roasted walnuts
  • Cinn-Sational: Cinnamon-spiced apples & almonds
  • PB Jammin’: Virginia peanuts, triple berry medley
  • Berry’d Treasure: Blueberry-apple granola bites
  • Honey Bee Good: Honey-roasted chickpeas
  • Almond Aloha: Chewy pineapple, roasted almonds
  • Mind your P’s and BBQ’s: Bbq-roasted chickpeas, Virginia peanuts
  • Sweet & Salty Kapow: Tart cherries, roasted edamame
  • Holy Habanero: Habanero-spiced roasted corn
  • King Korn: Colossal crunchy corn
  • Menage-A-Mix: Crunchy corn, bbq chickpeas, roasted edamame
  • Cowboy Crunch: Bbq-spiced roasted corn

The best part (to me, at least) of Nourish Snacks was the portability. Perfectly portioned, healthy snacks that are easy to take with you are winning on every level in my book. My favorite flavor: Mocha-mazing!

Shop Nourish Snacks here, where you can shop their curated collections (Sampler, Kids Collection, College Collection, etc.) and buy right from their site!

Want to save a bit? I’m with you.


Now, go get snackin’!


The Busy Bee