How I Plan On Working For Myself Full-Time

The Busy Bee Work For Myself

With my heart pounding, I stepped into the office, sat down with my boss and told her I was giving my two-weeks notice. I had been working so hard for this moment, yet I was absolutely terrified—terrified of letting my co-workers down, the possibility of failure and not knowing what people would think of my decision.

Some people may see me as crazy—why leave a job in an incredible area, working with people who have become good friends? Why give up a steady paycheck to potentially live life on the seat of your pants? To them, I say 4 words: I'm pursuing my dreams

So friends, as of today, I'm officially working full-time for The Busy Bee (!!!)

Letting go of control has always been a hard thing for me, but there's such freedom in giving up your grip on life and letting it take you where it wants you to go. As a dear friend recently said to me, "There is so much out there that God is just waiting to send you to! He's probs actually laughing because here we are stressing, and He has much greater things for us!" True that, girl. True that.

I don't know where this next part of my life will take me. I'm going to miss seeing my co-workers every day, laughing at the ridiculous jokes we'd make and having people to bounce ideas off of. I DO know, however, that I'm going to be okay. My days are going to look different—maybe I'll sleep in later or wake up earlier. Perhaps I'll have more time to volunteer more, cook more or even clean more (HAHA). It's going to be a wonderful ride, and I can't wait to get started.

Follow along with me as I maneuver my way into full-time self-employment and who knows what else! (Seriously, I have no clue).