Spring Cleaning and Organizing with OXO


[Disclaimer: These products were given free of charge, but all of the opinions shared are my own!]


Organizing is my jam. No, really – I live to organize. The first time I stepped inside The Container Store, I was so overwhelmed with possibilities I had to leave. True story. Give me a closet, bedroom, kitchen or pantry that needs some sprucing up and I'm your girl. A few years ago my fiancé's mom asked me to help organize a closet in their house and it was one of the best weekends I had in a long time. On an unrelated note, I may need to get out more. 

When spring rolls around, society gives me an excuse to clean and organize because "spring cleaning" is apparently a thing. So what do I do? I go through every room in the house and tackle the mess with authority. My favorite room to clean and organize? The kitchen, of course. This baby is full of crumbs, snacks, dust and for some reason lots and lots of coffee grounds, even though I use a Keurig. 

The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Pantry

When your pantry is a set of cheap bookshelves from Walmart, you have to think outside the box for storage. All of our groceries are on constant display for anyone who enters our home, so it's crucial (at least for me) to have the pantry looking tidy and clean. Nobody wants to sit down at a table with opened boxes of Cheerios and spilled cinnamon as their backdrop. The solution? Clear storage containers for the essentials. I go through almond flour like a kid goes through candy at Halloween. Instead of having 3 bags chilling on the top shelf of my pantry, I combine them all together into one container. Bada bing bada boom.


The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Pantry Before


The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Pantry After

Got a household full of snack monsters? Problem solved. Put your family's favorite snacks in their own containers and everyone knows what's available and how much is left. OXO's POP Containers (the 10-piece set gets you the most bang for your buck)  are my absolute favorite for this: they're stackable (super space-efficient) and have a modular design so you can organize them in different height combinations to fit your pantry. So whether you have built-in shelving in a walk-in pantry or wobbly bookshelves from Walmart, your space will be organized and everything will have its place. Bonus points for OXO's Pop Containers: you open and close them with a push-button on the top, which creates an airtight seal and these bad boys' corners were designed for pouring. If you have kids, I just solved half of your food + kitchen issues. *Takes a bow*

The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Under The Fridge
The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Under The Fridge
The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Under The Fridge

Have you ever moved a giant appliance, only to see a collection of dust, food bits and disgustingness staring at you? No? Do it. I dare you. I'm not really into moving 1,000 pound pieces of metal (guessing average weight off the top of my head) so I got my hands on OXO's Microfiber Under Appliance Duster. Problem = solved. This wonderful piece of cloth may be the same height as me, but that's the beauty of it. Instead of wrecking your back trying to move your fridge to vacuum and dust under it, swipe this bad boy right under the fridge and it does all the hard (and quite frankly, gross) work for you. When you're all done, unsnap the cloth, wash it cold water and hang dry (to preserve those long beautiful, fluffy fibers that capture the dust bunnies).

The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Appliances
The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Appliances
The Busy Bee Oxo Spring Cleaning Appliances

Have you ever accidentally had a smoothie explode from the blender or let your waffle mix spill out from the sides of the iron? No? Just me? Well, these babies really came in handy to clean up and scrub down the items in my kitchen that you can't just throw into the dishwasher and hope for the best. The OXO Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set (yes, it's a whole set!) comes with nylon brushes and scrapers that let you get into the nitty gritty bits and areas of your kitchen appliances. That disgusting buildup around your coffee maker? Gone. The dried and caked on strawberry smoothie crusted to the side of your blender? Poof—erased. Plus, these babies snap together into a clip for some handy dandy storage. You can now find me in my spare time scrubbing down every appliance we own. I feel like a cleaning fairy on 10 cups of coffee with these things and it's GREAT. 

Do you have a favorite cleaning gadget or tool? Please share with the queen of clean and organization in that comment section below. Happy spring cleaning, everyone!


The Busy Bee

Spring Cleaning And Organizing with OXO