2018 In Review: A Lot of Unexpected Change


Ohhh, January—the month of resolutions and reflections. I figured I’d hop right onto the bandwagon and break down what 2018 was like for me and how to bring more light into a new year. But note, my friend, this post might not be what you expected.

And that’s my word to describe 2018: unexpected. Good grief there a lot of unexpected things that came my way. I overcame some pretty big fears. My business grew way faster than I thought it would. I fell in love. I had my heart shattered. I found out I was way stronger than I thought I was. I made friends from Instagram that became some of the closest people in my life. The word “unexpected” pretty much sums up all of the highs and lows of 2018 and has made me realize that no matter how much I can plan (which is still a good thing to do) for my business and personal life, things are going to happen that I won’t expect and that will be out of my control.

Let’s start with business, because that’s generally why you come here to this little blog of mine, right? Last year, I almost hit burnout 3 times. Yes, almost every quarter I had to take a step back, breathe and re-evaluate what I needed to do to get through the next quarter. The reason for that is my income nearly doubled from 2017. You read that right—a beautiful problem but a problem nonetheless. Organization is extremely important to me, so planning ahead allowed me to realize what the symptoms of burnout are and to get ahead of it. I learned to both ask for and hire help when needed which seriously helped with the growth and recovery of owning a business.

Regardless of what happens in business, I’m still a real person. I KNOW, it’s crazy that behind your computer screen, cell phone, and Google Hangout chats is a real-life person that has a life outside of website design. Heck, it surprises me too sometimes. A lot of hardships happened toward the end of 2018 that I am still working through (some things can’t be left in the last year, I suppose) but when I reflect on who I was in January of 2018 and who I am today, a LOT of growth happened. I pushed myself in the (seemingly) mundane day-to-day both personally and professionally. I overcame fears, met new people, and traveled more than I ever have. By overcoming fears, I really mean it! I set a goal to overcome all of these in 2018, and you bet your butt I did:

  • Ate dinner in public by myself (no cell phone scrolling allowed)

  • Took a hot yoga class (and didn’t melt)

  • Sang karaoke (the song was Valerie by Amy Winehouse)

  • Got acupuncture (and blissed out for a solid hour)

  • Fired a gun at a shooting range (I may have had a minor freakout beforehand)

  • Got a tattoo (little cross behind my right ear)

  • Got my nose pierced (mom + dad weren’t as upset as I thought they’d be)

Sometimes my personal and professional life meet together and sometimes they’re separate. As I move forward in 2019, I’m going to channel that professional growth into my personal and I’m going to use that personal strength to build my business even further. I’m going to roll with the punches and find comfort in the unexpected. I’m going to understand that “unexpected” can mean both breaking and building, and sometimes you need to break in order to rebuild.

How are you stepping into this new year? What are some of your goals for the year ahead? Let me know and I’ll cheer you on!