4 Simple Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients

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I’m a gift-giver by nature—giving my time and resources to make someone else smile makes me the happiest girl in the world. It’s a curse, really 😉 One of the best parts about my job is being able to use that natural urge to make people happy and implement it into my business process.

You’ve seen my client process and how I do my best to make clients happy by staying organized and learn as much about them as possible. However, what I’ve never shared with you before is the personal things I do to make sure each and every client feels respected and surprised throughout the process.

As I’ve continued to grow my business and learn from the process, one thing I’ve always made sure to implement is little ways to surprise and delight clients. When people are not only treated with respect but are treated in a way they normally aren’t on an everyday basis, it’s a feeling they don’t forget. You can leave a lasting impression (aka a referrer for life) by simply serving your clients throughout every stage of your process.

Here are the 4 ways I surprise and delight my clients:

1. A Starbucks Gift Card

After I send out my client homework (at the beginning of the process), I wait a day and send a Starbucks gift card via email to the client with a little note that encourages them to complete their homework. This does 2 things: keeps the task of completing the homework at the front of their mind while also giving them a small gift as soon as we begin working together. They never expect it but always appreciate it! Think of it as buying a coffee for the new girl at work or setting up a networking lunch—it’s generous and starts to build trust.


2. Delivering Edits

At the beginning of the project, a timeline is always laid out to set completion dates and progress checkpoints for both the client and myself. However, when you deliver edits ahead of time, the client has no idea it’s coming and is then given even more time to finish their part. This breathing room helps them think through edits, gather imagery requested or more. Less stress always equals better work!


3. Resources

I supply my clients with names of people, membership services or online companies for just about anything they need help with. Just because I don’t handle social media management does not mean I can’t provide my client with the names of people who do! Getting referrals of trusted people or companies is one less thing the client has to do, which eases stress and saves them time. There’s a few great things about this step: it allows you to support people who do the things you may not do and is ultimately cost-free. Creating a list of resources is extremely helpful to your clients.


4. Thank You Gift

At the end of the project (final invoice is paid + training call is complete), I send out a client thank you gift to their home address with a handwritten note thanking them for working with me. This leaves one final positive impression on the client!

When a client signs on with you, they are making an investment in their business through what you can provide for them. The number one goal you should have is to always keep your clients on their toes—in a good way! Trust me, the process I’ve created didn’t come overnight. I’ve added things as resources allow, but have always done my best to surprise and delight clients in any way possible!