5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Quit My Job

The Busy Bee Megan Baylerian Squarespace Web Design Milwaukee 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Quit My Job

They say that you learn the most about yourself the second you step out of your comfort zone. I’m going to be honest, guys—I thought I was already in a comfortable zone when I left my full-time job. I thought because I was prepared and that clients were rolling in that it would be an easy transition. I knew at times it would be hard but I didn’t know how much I’d learn about myself in the process. Here are the 5 things I wish I knew before quitting my full-time job:


1. Make a plan, but be flexible.

In January 2017, I gave myself 6 months to make the switch from employee to business owner. But when my story started to play out to working two full-time jobs, I knew I had to take the leap or I would burn out before career ever took off. So in March 2017, I left my full-time job. I’m a huge advocate for staying organized and accountable for your plans, but be prepared to pivot more than expected, especially in the first few years as a business owner. This was a positive pivot, but some will include working until 11PM on a Friday night to meet last-minute deadlines. It’s ok to roll with the punches!


2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

When I left my job, I was rockin’-and-rollin’. The first day I worked in my cute little bedroom office and was blasting Sia as loud as it could go while dancing around my room. When the buzz wore off (pun intended 😉) about me leaving my full-time job, I was terrified. I chose to run my business in a way that does not require ongoing work from a client so when a client job is done, it’s done. This was intentional, but I ended up having to ask my parents for money just to pay the bills. I’m so fortunate that they lent me the money (along with a lot of hugs and “we believe in you’s”) but I knew I never wanted to feel that way again and I started planning ahead (see tip #1).


3. Make Time for yourself

The number one thing I never realized about myself is that I’m a huge workaholic. I mean, since age 12 I have been on that #hustle and I didn’t even know it until I started to reflect on what I wanted from my business (because, you know, I have control over that now 🙄). The best work I’ve created for clients is when I take a moment to slooowwwwww dooowwnnn. Sometimes you just need to watch New Girl on a Friday night instead of pile on more work. Yes, this is my permission to you to pop that popcorn, pour that glass of wine, and sit your butt down on the couch to binge-watch New Girl tonight.


4. Think Like a Business Owner

At first, I didn't think I would be a business owner that had contracted employees, but I did know that in order to manage my workload, create awesome work for my clients and still add value to potential clients, I needed to ask for help and actually look at what my time was going into. I love to write and have seen the benefits of my this blog, but spending 4 hours on a blog post was not a good use of my time. So, in November of 2017, I hired a content writer. (Yes, she is writing this post on my behalf—did you even notice? 😏). I also started working with a Squarespace designer as a partner for when my workload is heavy. Chelsea of 23&9 Creative is also a contracted designer for The Busy Bee, and I absolutely LOVE working with her. This is my personal favorite that we’ve created as a team so far!  

I also make sure to manage my workload so that I’m on top of all of my projects and can support each client—not the other way around. I use Trello as a way to manage everything I need to do and Quickbooks to look into finances of my business. If you’re looking for a more in-depth process into how I truly manage my time from a high-level standpoint, check out this blog post!  


5. Every day is not a sponsored Instagram post of you drinking mimosas on the beach, but it’s SO worth it.

There are pretty clear highs and lows in business, but the thing that empowers me the most is knowing I have control over how I perceive them and what I do to make things better. Sometimes your bank account will be so low, you start to sweat. But, your potential is instantly raised as soon as you believe in yourself and create that empire you’ve always wanted!

Did any of these hit home for you? At the end of the day, it’s important to surround yourself with the people that lift you up, support you and you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with. And yes, I did pay my parents back 😉