6 Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Website

6 Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Website - The Busy Bee

‘Tis the season where the sun is shining, the snow is melted and suddenly you’re starting to realize how stuffy your home has gotten: it’s officially spring cleaning season! You open the windows, finally shred that stack of paper that you’ve been avoiding, organize knick knacks and sit down at the end of the day feeling organized and satisfied.

So what if I told you that you needed to do this once a quarter for your website? It may sound daunting and perhaps a bit unnecessary but it’s crucial to keep your business relevant and continue to gain new potential customers! I’ll be honest, I’m writing this post to keep myself just as accountable as I am here to help hold you accountable 😉. When I noticed that my own Squarespace site didn’t reflect the skills I knew I had, I took this task off of the bottom of my to do list and made it priority numero uno.

The main things to consider when you’re ready to spring clean your site are what you need to change and why you need to change them. Take a peek at my last post for tips on how to determine what you need to clean and then hop back over here to read up on 6 easy ways to update your site (without having to totally redesign it).

  1. Add in a new pop-up opt-in or freebie for email captures

    One of the easiest things we can forget to update on our site is our freebie or email capture opt-in (typically a pop-up). By rotating what you’re offering, you’re increasing the potential for email subscribers to your newsletter who may not have been interested in a past freebie but are interested in the new one.

  2. Decrease your page load time by optimizing your image sizes

    The longer your page takes to load, the higher the rate of visitor drop-off, or people leaving your site. One easy way to decrease your page load time is by decreasing your image sizes so that they load faster. A simple way to do this is to upload your image to compressjpeg.com (there are also options for .png and .pdf on the site) and let the site compress your image for you. It will take off a large percentage of the file size while still maintaining the clear resolution of the image!

  3. Update your testimonials

    Keeping a fresh set of testimonials on your site indicates that you’re continuously working with clients and lets your visitors know that people are still happy with your services. If you’re new in your business, add in your most recent testimonials to the top but keep the rest until you have 10-12. After that, you can switch out your older ones when new ones roll in!

  4. Update the copyright year in your footer

    If you have a copyright year in your footer and you haven’t updated it for a few years, people will think that you don’t take the time to update your site regularly. Make sure it’s showing the current year. This is literally the easiest thing you can do. You can quote me—it takes less than a minute.

  5. Utilize Google Analytics

    Google Analytics gives you so much insight into how visitors interact with your website. You can see where they click first on your nav bar, what pages they spend the most time on, where they are finding your site—pretty much anything you need. From here, you can test simple things like adding your blog to the area people tend to click the most (if that’s your biggest goal) or learning what page you should update first because that’s where most of the time is being spent. It will also provide you keywords that people searched for on search engines that got them to your website, giving you a great starting point on keywords to potentially use for running ads.

  6. Update your About Page copy + imagery

    It’s really easy to set + forget your about page, but keeping this content fresh reminds your visitors that you care about your site! If you photo doesn’t even look like you anymore, make sure you update it to a professional image that does. Also take some time to refine + tweak your about page copy and make sure all of it is still applicable. This shows your professional and personal growth journey as well. If you need help finding a photographer, try searching Facebook groups in your city, or check out Instagram and slide into a phew DMs to see who you vibe with. Having a good relationship with your photographer will help capture your personality more authentically. (Special shoutout to my lovely photographer, Laurelyn!)

I know a lot of this can seem daunting, especially as we move into the warmer months—you’re starting to wake up from the winter blues and your to do list already feels way too long. But, I’ll be honest, after I wrote down these 6 easy-to-do updates I’m feeling really motivated to kick this spring in the butt and keep my internet home just as organized as my regular home!

6 Quick Ways to Clean Up Your Website - The Busy Bee