A Peek Into My Client Process

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Well, good morning sunshine! Do you have your morning coffee? Are you ready to make impactful changes for your business? This is the best part of my job, getting to know YOU and what makes you tick. As I sip my coffee and pet my pup, I thought it would be fun to really breakdown my client process for you and turn the tables a little—show you what makes ME tick!


1. We take a deep dive into your business

But why? Am I just nosy? Well yes, I am nosy, but in the way that will benefit you. I want to know what you like, dislike, what your biggest dreams are and what the challenges the entire internet has for you. Together, we can work to address and solve the problems you have.

How you can prepare: I send out a packet before we chat for you to fill out and reflect on. The most honest you are with yourself and dig into the numbers of your business, the better I can serve you and visually make your dreams a reality!


2. Research and Analysis

You already told me about your business, but I take a step back and check it out myself.

This is just the icebreaker for our collaboration! As someone who may not have ever experienced what you offer, I can only guess at what the specifics of your industry are. With research and analysis, I can dig deeper to see what we can do and show to set you up for success in your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

How you can prepare: Enjoy your coffee—this one I take on my own. Then, we come back together and discuss what I found and how it relates to your overall goals!


3. Creation and Development

(Aka what you’re here for!) After the notes have been written and the encouragement has been given, I go into my designer hole and become an extension of your business to create only the best product for you.

How you can prepare: You’re a part of this process — we are one (insert meditation music). Over a series of 2 rounds, we solidify the designs and discuss your preferences. The best thing you can do here is be just as present as I am, so we can quickly and efficiently get through your product. Being available to give feedback and answering quickly will ultimately get you a faster product!


4. File Handoff

Cue the sad music, this is the end of the project. Just kidding, I am always here to support you whether it’s a “like” on social media, a hug in real life or future projects.

How you can prepare: There’s nothing left to do- the world is your gluten-free muffin (what I prefer instead of oysters)! That being said, I am permanently an extension of you and your business and I’m just as invested as you. If you need resources or extra help- I’m stocked full of recommendations to discuss!


SO, what do you say? Let’s schedule a coffee date and see how we can work together.