Common Web Design Terms Cheat Sheet (Free Download!)


If you’ve ever been in a meeting or on a call with your web designer and not understood anything that they’re saying, you’re not alone. There are tons of web design terms used to describe both the design process and the website itself.

I created a little cheat sheet to ensure communication with your web designer is smooth from the get-go. Download this cheat sheet (or browse below) to read up on some of the most misunderstood web design terms out there.

  1. Hero Image: A large banner image, prominently placed on a web page  and typically in the front and center. The hero image is the first visual piece that a visitor sees on the site, so it’s best to present an overview of the site’s most important content

  2. Above The Fold: The content that can be seen before you scroll with your mouse

  3. Parallax Scrolling: An effect on a site where an image appears to move as a visitor scrolls up or down on the page. This creates a sort of depth effect for the visitor, giving the page a more seamless movement and cohesiveness

  4. Primary Navigation: The main links at the top of a website (also referred to  as the “menu”) that provide the visitor with pages to go to on the site

  5. Secondary Navigation: The links at the top of a website (either above or below the main navigation) that direct the visitor  to other pages or places that don’t hold as much importance as the primary navigation links

  6. Website Copy: All of the text used across an entire website

  7. Call To Action (CTA): Typically shown as a link or button, a CTA helps direct website visitors to on what action to take, such as signing up for a consultation call, browsing other team members or filling out a contact form

  8. Domain: The unique name and url of a website (eg: Domain names are purchased through a domain provider (eg. and are then connected to your website host

  9. Hosting: The digital “place” that stores all of the files of a website. With Squarespace, hosting is automatically included in the subscription fee, but self-hosted websites use a hosting company like

  10. Favicon: The small icon or image that shows up in a website’s browser tab

Next time you’re working on a project with a web designer, try using these terms to communicate what you’re working on so everyone is on the same page! To make it nice and easy, I put together the above information in a nice little printable for you. Go ahead, download it below!