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Hey business owners looking for a new website—I've got the perfect giveaway for you! I've teamed up with my friend Chelsea from 23&9 Creative to give away one of her amazing Squarespace Templates FO FREE! (For those wondering, that's a $225 value!)


Here's how to enter:

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The Details

This carefully crafted + bold #bosslady website is exactly what you need to get your business up and running! No more hassle of spending thousands of hours (or dollars) trying to figure out how to build your perfect website. After designing 100s Squarespace sites over the past 7+ years, I've learned the key ingredients boil down to this: being super user friendly, have awesome functionality and can be easy for YOU, the DIY designer, to update. 

This template bundle comes with all you need: editable graphics (Photoshop NOT needed!), photo + graphic resources and a series of videos breaking down every single step of the process. Get instant access to start building your dream website the second you sign up!

How it works:

  1. Choose Template + Get freebies
    Once you purchase this course and choose your template to start with, we will immediately celebrate by give you INSTANT ACCESS to start creating your website. This class is taught through Teachable, so you will be sent instructions on getting into your school instantly after your purchase.
  2. Design + Customize
    Our school walks you through every step from creating your site, how to format your photos, simple SEO and connecting your Mailchimp and social media to building every page of the template you choose. You can have your website ready in 1 day with our full-proof videos, resources and guides.
  3. Subscribe + Celebrate
    After your website is ready to go LIVE, you'll subscribe to Squarespace (we're even going to give you a 20% code for your first year because we're so stinkin' excited!) and turn up the dance tunes. YOU DID IT!

What's Included:

  • Instant and Lifetime Access
    Say whaaaat!? That's right. You get to hang out with me forever AND right away. The real meaning of internet BFFs.
  • Our no coding promise
    Every feature of our sites is 100% created without a single line of code. So don't be afraid - no coding allowed here!
  • No Photoshop? No problem.
    We believe in making things as beautiful and simple as possible - and we know everyone doesn't have Photoshop. That's why we've created TWO ways to use our graphics - edit them in Photoshop OR our super secret weapon that anyone can use. We promise you can edit and create ALL our custom graphics with a basic computer!
  • We heart cell phones (and so does your new site)
    Let's face it - over 50% of our website views are via our handy-dandy smartphones. Shouldn't your website be able to adapt too? We guarantee every site is mobile responsive so every client sees your website in it's full, beautiful force.
  • Tweak till it's bold, beautiful and YOU
    Our templates were created with YOU in mind. We laid the base for you to update and tweak until it's perfectly you. In all our templates you can change the colors, the fonts - you do you, girl! And we will cheer you along the way.
  • Squarespace Workshop Trainer Certified
    Your course is coming from an Authorized Squarespace Workshop Trainer so you know you're getting a quality trainer. We even have the badge to prove it! 

The boring fine print: 

A winner will be chosen on Friday, August 24th.
By entering the giveaway, you accept our Terms + Conditions