How To Get Over The Fact That You're Not An Expert


I’m going to lay some serious truth on you right now. Are you ready?

I'm not an expert.

And neither are you. We are the luckiest entrepreneurs because technology and skillsets and industries are changing daily. The second we think we’re in a spot to stand ahead of the competition, the world flips a uey and we’re back at square one. It’s the beauty and the beast of where we’ve decided to lay our groundwork.


So how do you overcome the fear of not being an expert?

Not being an expert in your field is one thing, but being afraid of not being an expert is another. When I first started The Busy Bee, I took an online course on email marketing because I knew it would be incremental to my business. About 2 weeks into the course (aka 2 hours), a friend signed me up to talk at an event for AN HOUR about email marketing. I was terrified, tortured and shaking when I stood up there thinking the attendees would know I’m a fraud. You know what happened? I encouraged everyone to talk through the problems together and collaboratively so that if I didn’t know the answer, there was someone in the room who did.

You’re a leader for a reason—to lead and inspire people to share the knowledge they have and for you to do the same. The event ended up being a collaborative environment and not one person knew that I didn’t know all of the answers. Would I do it again? Probably not, but did I live? Yes.


Here’s what I do to keep confidence about my professional position:

  1. Join your local Rising Tide Society chapter. It’s a community that meets to share and collaborate. You’ll quickly learn that being in a room of people in your same position creates a bond that you can’t quite describe. It’s comforting, encouraging and inspiring all at once, like a hug from your big sister after a bad day.


  2. Get a hobby. No, I’m not telling you off, I mean it. I started exercising which lead to my love for running about 3 years ago. Having something that doesn’t have all the calculations and financial responsibility and my-actions-lead-to-my-success pressure will allow you to get out of your head. Not to mention when I feel my best, I do my best work.

Post about it on Social Media. Leave this one to a minimum because we all know negativity can bring negativity. And vulnerability brings vulnerability. I’ve posted my struggles before on social media and it opened the floodgates of my followers to share words of wisdom and their experience leaving all of us a little relieved. The world is not perfect, and your feed doesn’t have to be either. Let it out, lady!

Now that you’ve gone out into the world, created the process that leaves you inspired and found a hobby, what happens when you have a step back? Because, boo, we all do. I have found a really safe group of ladies that are not only friends, but are also entrepreneurs. We have a no-judge zone where we can talk about our insecurities and inspire each other on a down day. Knowing people that are going through the same thing as you is key, and if you don’t have one, you know where to find me (in my DMs).