How to Provide Designers with Good Feedback (And Stay on Schedule!)


As a lady who comes from a graphic design background and now owns a website design business, I’ve seen my fair share of customer feedback. When I was younger, I would take personal offense to my work being critiqued because, well, we all know how much blood, sweat and tears go into a passion project. Now that I’m older (and maybe a hint wiser 😉) it’s easier to see the feedback process as more of a connection with the client, as well as a learning opportunity and ultimately creating a project that they love.

That being said, there are definitely ways to provide good feedback to any designer you work with. Before you continue, you should take a peek at my old blog post about misconceptions about designers. I would consider this a complimentary piece to that post!

Here are 3 ways to provide good feedback to designers you work with:

1. Be organized

I’ve had clients that write out every. Little. Thing and I have to admit that it’s really nice. Even if you have the same feedback on several pages, lay it out there so I can also comb through the pages with your feedback and update based on your notes, rather than adding more time to the project by dissecting your notes. This saves us both a lot of time with organized thoughts on feedback.

2. Approach the project professionally

I’ve been really lucky to have had clients that come from an understanding place on projects but remember, even though designers are “creatives,” their work with you is still a professional experience. Accusing the designer for messing something up, judging a misspelling or otherwise won’t get anyone far. Come from a conversational and understanding place, and your designer will thank you!

3. Be honest upfront with your designer

Are you a more direct person or do you beat around the bush on feedback? Do you prefer to email changes or use Google Drive? Be upfront when it comes to what helps your brain function best so the designer can take that into account when creating your project timeline. If you know that you’ll be gone for a week on vacation, make sure to note that so your designer can add time to your project and plan for that in their proposal.

All in all, we are here to make your creative dreams come to life, so honest, good feedback and a healthy relationship with your designer will make that happen fast—making you more money and give you pride in your brand!