I Use Stock Photography (And You Should Too!)

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There was a time that Instagram feeds and Etsy descriptions made me extremely anxious. I’d put off the task for days on end, trying to think of how to pay for a photographer or how to use images from people without copying them in order to get my point across. When I evaluated my products as I started to grow, the number one thing I lacked was experience taking photos and the funds to properly pay a personal photographer.

That’s when I found stock photography (and no, not the tacky kind). This has elevated my business beyond belief. Not only can customers expect to see my products in a clean way that celebrates my products, but they can expect a specific branding every time.

This has been great for me on Instagram as well! The crazy thing is, my sales starting to reflect the elevation! Here are the top 3 reasons why I use stock photography and you should too:

  1. You’re creating a brand consistency that your iPhone 4 can’t replicate. Yes, I had an iPhone 4, so what? Back then, I needed a cheap way to elevate my brand and make myself look professional for clients.

  2. Save yourself time by taking the photography out of the mix. I’ve saved myself hours per week not worrying about what photos will go on my Instagram feed. All I have to do is share my thoughts in copy and the rest is history.

  3. Getting a membership to a stock photography site is the best option. Expect to spend about $10/image or get a membership and expect to pay about $30 for 30 images per month. Then, you can adopt any of the photos for your own feed and customize it to your brand.

Here are my  favorite sites to get stock photos:

  1. Twigy Posts
  2. Rosemary Watson Productions
  3. SC Stockshop *
  4. Wander and Rose *

  5. Bloguettes

Things to watch out for:

Especially if you’re a retailer or business owner, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of the photos you’re using. A lot of photos from websites will show that you can’t use the photos for commerce, aka you can’t make money using them for promotional purposes.

Finding a partner that you can use the images for your website or marketing materials (email marketing, Instagram, etc) will be the best route. It’s important to give credit where credit is due, though. Support your photographers more than just monetarily. Recommend them whenever you can, and help them continue to receive customers. Keep in mind, you’re getting a deal with stock photography because they’re giving a deal. What they’d charge to make to make the images specific to your brand far exceeds what you’re paying for stock photography. It’s definitely on a trade basis.

* DISCLAIMER: The links indicated with an asterisk are affiliate link. However, I promise you babe, I'd recommend these business regardless of an affiliate link or not!