Introducing the Resources Page (Plus a Peek at my Favorite Branding Designers)


Today, we’re talking all things resources! It’s recently come to my attention that we’re all in the same boat here—somewhat guessing as we make decisions for our business and future of our business while writing down half sentences of ideas and trying to dissect them later.

Some of my half sentences happen to be all of the resources that I use to keep my brain from exploding on a hard day. I realized that not only is it incredibly hard to read, but it’s also really tiring to talk about the same things to different clients, all the time. So, I created a resources page on my site for all of us to use!

This is literally my mecca of information, and a page I regularly go to as well. It has branding referrals, stock photos (remember my excitement for these!?), my favorite printing sources, my favorite project management tools, social media tools and productivity apps. It’s everything a new entrepreneur could dream of, right at your fingertips! So take a peak, let me know what you think!


Speaking of resources, if you didn’t receive the email last week (or, didn’t notice), a few things have changed around here! As a designer, I have a special place in my heart for branding and it was time my personal site got a little upgrade. A few things have changed, thanks to Jenny at The Lum Collective and I wanted to share a few other branding pros I work with or love on regularly (you may too if we work together in the future!).

The Busy Bee Branding Designers Meg Summerfield

Meg Summerfield

At, Meg Summerfield they have a studio philosophy that is rooted in crafted design, and personalized experience throughout the process. They know your small business, blog or design project is your pride and joy, and treat them with the attention they deserve. Their reputation in design, squarespace and client process is respected throughout the design community so much that they teach our process to other designers through our sister site, Square Design Guild.


Visit: Meg Summerfield Studio


The Busy Bee Branding Designers Samantha Marion

samantha marion

Samantha is the heart + soul + proud biz mama behind Happenstance Studio which provides branding and graphic design to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her intention is to help business owners brand their business with intention so they can start to build the life they want. Most days you'll find Sam clicking away in her home office or snuggling up with all her furbabies on the couch in ripped jeans and a ball cap and if she had one superpower it would be the ability to sniff out the best brunch within 20 miles. Here's wishing you happy branding!


Visit: Happenstance Studio


The Busy Bee Branding Designers Jenny Johnson

jenny johnson

Jenny is a self-taught designer who serves as chief talent manager, strategist and creative director for a best-in-class team of independent designers and contractors that make up Lūm. Together, they provide creative vision, direction, and high-touch client management to align client’s business, creative vision and true essence, bringing it to life through brand and marketing materials. 


Visit: The Lum Collective

If you use any of these resources or have questions on any of them, shoot me a note on Instagram and let me know! I’d love to see how you use these apps and docs to help your business! And of course, check out the awesome people I mentioned above, and share some love with them!