My 5 Favorite Etsy Shops For The Holidays (And Every day!)

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Did you know I still have my own Etsy shop? The Busy Bee started as a young entrepreneur-minded lady that loved to be creative and give to the world. While this isn’t my only source of creativity and income anymore, the platform is still incredibly close to my heart, and I use it regularly.

I love supporting small during the holidays (and every day) because as a small business myself, I see firsthand how powerful it can be to the lives of others. That’s why Etsy is one of the first places I look when I need anything: gifts, knick-knacks, inspiration, or personalized items.


Here are my 5 favorite Etsy Shops Right Now:



MAnda Rin paper Co.

Best for: Those Who Dig Design + Puns

Besides the fact that this shop is owned by a dear friend of mine, I LOVE her style of illustrations and quirky humor. The greeting cards are unique and the prints are delicate, aka perfect for a gallery wall.



Barkley and wagz

Best for: The Dog-Lover or Dog-Obsessed

If you’re a dog-lover, you’re going to spend a LOT of time in this shop. A ton of their products can be personalized with your pet’s name, including dog bowls, bandanas and yes, even dog shirts. There are also products for dog owners, like hats and tees.



Salt and Cove

Best for: The Home Decorator (or Re-Decorator)

Redecorating your home or even a room can be costly, but this shop has TONS of printable home decor at a super affordable price. They sell faith-based prints, prints specifically for certain seasons and a ton of beautifully scripted quotes.




Best for: The Budding Entrepreneur

If you make products or even own your own Etsy shop, sometimes putting together photos of your creations can feel like pulling teeth. This shop has mockups for a large variety of types of products, from mugs to totes to t-shirts and more.



The oysters pearl

Best for: The Entire Family

I’ve been following The Oysters Pearl for years and have always enjoyed all of the products that they make. This shop is perfect for gifting for a family, from matching tees to cute baby + kids apparel.



Even though there are other sites similar to Etsy (like Amazon handmade), I have always been happy with spending a little extra time to plan for gifts and use Etsy instead. On a site note, if you are thinking of starting a shop, the number one tip I would give is to give yourself time to pour into your shop—a lot of love and expectations come from your customers so you’ll need a lot of love and time to put into your product. But, you got it boo! Already have a shop? Send me the link! I’d love to check it out.


To note: This post contains affiliate links, but rest assured I would never share anything that I haven’t tried or personally used before!

My 5 Favorite Etsy Shops For the Holiday - The Busy Bee