My Business in 2018: Tons of Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

When you finally sit your butt down and write down goals (both small and Oprah-sized), amazing things can happen. I took stock of my business earlier this month and wrote down the good, the bad and the ugly. I wrote down what I loved to do most and the tasks I dreaded doing. The result? HUGE changes that will be happening (and slowly implementing) throughout the year.

Since there is so much going on, there's no better way than to lay it all out for you and give you the inside scoop on what those changes are actually going to be.

    Yep, it's finally happening. The logo I pieced together years ago for a company that I thought would only make a few dollars here and there is FINALLY getting a facelift. I'm having a fellow designer that I trust take over and create a fresh look for The Busy Bee brand that reflects me more. This process is starting in February!
    I mean for heavens sakes I'm a Squarespace web designer but I haven't updated my own site in so long. Sometimes creatives get so wrapped up in our client's work that we forget to handle our own. That's going to change, and I can't wait to have a site that shows off all that I can do on the Squarespace platform.
    This business of mine is growing WAY faster than I thought it would (a great problem to have, I know). In November, my workload got a bit too heavy for me to handle, and I started to bring on some lovely faces to help me out. I now have a beautiful friend that helps me with my blogs (Shoutout to my boo Terressa) and as of last week, just signed on another designer to help build out Squarespace websites for my clients (I see you,Chelsea!) Hiring on ONE contracted employee was a goal I set in place for the end of the year, and to start the year off with TWO amazing women makes my heart so happy.
    If you haven't noticed already, I removed ALL products from my website. GASP! Fret not, dear one. All of my physical products (onesies, t-shirts, mugs, etc.) are still my Etsy shop, but that's the only place they'll be. Why did I do this? I want to build out my website to serve design-related readers and clients, and having my screen-printed products on there just didn't cut it. Instead, I'll be loading in a bunch of FREE and paid digital downloads that are design-related, such as a Design Term Cheat Sheet, Brand Guide Template and more. I'll be slowly building this out over the next few months, so stay tuned for an official launch date!
    This one is super exciting for me because I know the amazing benefits that can come from an internship. Heck, my college internship taught me how to code websites in the first place, aka how to do what I'm doing for a living. I want to be able to teach and help someone who is thinking about starting their own business in the design-related industry. An official job posting will be happening in late spring, but if you're in college (or know of someone) who would fit this position and is looking for an internship in the Summer of 2018, hit me up at!

See what I'm saying when I say a ton is happening this year at The Busy Bee!? I'm beyond excited to change things up with my business this year, and I'm super grateful that you've decided to join in on the fun! If you haven't done so already, hop on over to my blog and take a peek at all of my new posts (and freebies!)

And, if you want to chat business, life or lame jokes, hop onto my schedule below!