My Experience Interning for a One-Woman Web Design Company


For roughly 3 months I was given the privilege and opportunity to intern for Megan, owner and lead designer of The Busy Bee! While those three months flew by, I had many different opportunities and jobs along the way. It still sounds completely unreal when I say I was able to intern for a website and graphic designer, and the experience was truly amazing!

Here’s a little rundown of just some of my jobs throughout my internship:

  • Social media engagement

  • Creating graphics

  • Assisting with Squarespace design

  • Photography & editing

  • Researching business elements

  • Writing a blog post

  • Attending a client meeting

  • Researching potential clients

  • Drafting client emails

  • Finding resources for The Busy Bee & Megan’s clients

  • Planning social media posts

In a typical week, there were consistent elements to my work such as engaging on social media (specifically Instagram) and updating Pinterest boards with new blog posts from The Busy Bee blog However, something I loved about working for Megan, was that each week looked different. I was able to dabble in so many areas of work in her business that I never thought I would have before my internship. Working for a one-woman company really allowed the work to be so personalized and intentionally grow and evolve with my strengths and weaknesses. Look at that list above! I love that each week was filled with new projects and new ways for me to explore and learn. Megan was really able to get a feel for what I enjoyed, what I didn’t necessarily like that much and my interests and strengths, and personally tailor my work experience to these things.

I think one of the things I treasured most about interning for a one-woman company was that it really allowed for more personalized communication as well. I felt immersed not only into Megan’s business but into her life as well (and vice versa.) Regardless of our 2-hour distance, she was always a text, call, or Snapchat away from answering any of my little questions along the way. Because of the nature of the business, it was a very one-on-one mentoring style with Megan and I which I truly benefited from. I was able to soak in even more of her knowledge and ideas because of this.

Overall, it was an amazing experience interning for Megan, and I am so grateful to have worked for The Busy Bee. I was able to get the behind the scenes seat to the determination and hard work that it takes to run your own business as well as the joy, satisfaction and passion that it spurs from it as well!