My Favorite Places to Buy Snail Mail (Plus 2 FreebieS!)


The holidays are quickly approaching (heck, in my house the tree is already up!), and one of my favorite ways to show my friends and family some love is to send a card snail mail style. Texts are quick and great but if someone takes the time to send a card in the mail with their actual handwriting and spit on the envelope it’s like you feel so loved and thought for. This is especially true if it’s a random card, popping in to see how you’re doing or to say you’re being thought about (vs. a birthday card or holiday card).

Speaking of perfectly created cards, I bought this as an anniversary card for my boyfriend at the time (super cute little butt) and couldn’t stop laughing at how silly it was. Those are the best kinds of cards — the ones you can’t find at Hallmark and the ones that make you laugh so hard you snort a little.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’ve laid out my 5 favorite places to get cards to send to your loved ones and friends:


Favorite #1:

Hennel Paper Co. is the perfect cheeky little place to find unique cards for that “thinking of you” occasion. You can’t help by smile and think of that one friend and that one inside joke when you’re scrolling through their cards.

Favorite #2:

Trader Joe’s! They have a display at the front of most stores, and they’re all only 99 cents. Next time you’re venturing through the aisles of your local store, take a peek at their cards- you’ll thank me later.

Favorite #3:

TJ Maxx specializes in that next-step approach to stationary cards. Often times they add glitter or have several cards in a pack to keep at home for a good last minute grab (aka that friend’s birthday comes up and whoops, you forgot).

Favorite #4:

Black Lab Studio makes all your graphic design dreams come true with their modern approach to cards. Honestly, I would plaster them on my wall if I could just for motivation. You could say their approach is slightly avant-garde, or as I like to say, friggin’ unique and cool.

Favorite #5:

Pastels, puppies and drawings, oh my. Amy Heitman is my spirit animal (no pun intended, but for real a dog with sunglasses, come on!) and her gentle approach to artistic cards make me so happy every time I check her store out.

And of course, a little selfish promo never hurt anybody, The Busy Bee also creates cards! Because, why would you love something so much and not indulge in it yourself? I wanted to spread a little holly and jolly cheer for you all this November and created 2 TOTALLY FREE downloadable holiday cards! That's right — just hit that download button below and get your hands on these babies FO FREE.


Okay, now I’m in full holiday mode. Who’s your favorite friend to send a card to? I’m thinking a trip to the post office is in order…