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If you’re a creative and you haven’t heard of Creative Market, I’m here to ease you out of that rock you’re living under! Just kidding (kind of), but this is one of my favorite resources to use when I’m stuck spinning my creative wheels. In a formal sense, Creative Market is an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. The company sells graphics, WordPress themes, stock photography, and other digital goods for use by designers and creatives with over one million users and more than 250,000 purchasable items.

Types of things you can purchase on Creative Market:

  • Photos: Ranging from people to nature to abstract photos—this is a great option if you want to expand out of the “this is clearly a stock photo” game

  • Graphics: Icons, illustrations, objects, patterns, product mockups, textures, and web elements

  • Templates: Business collateral like brochures, business cards, resumes and presentations, Wordpress, Shopify and Squarespace website templates and social media templates to use on popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more

  • Themes: More “techy” items, like Wordpress plugins, HTML Websites and even themes for the blogging platform “Ghost”

  • Fonts: Handwritten, script, classic serif, modern sans-serif fonts and everything in-between

  • Add-Ons: Actions for Photoshop, brushes for Illustrator, color palette swatches and more

  • 3D: 3-Dimensional graphic renditions, spanning a ton of categories like animals, furniture, textures, and architecture

So when I say you can really use this as an inspirational platform, I mean it! You can find anything you need on Creative Market. For designers, it’s a great place for fonts, graphic elements and design mockups. If you’re a business owner, it’s a great place for marketing collateral if you don’t have the budget for anything custom right now. You can find social media templates, stock photography, business cards, flyer templates and even postcards!

Here are my favorite sellers right now on Creative Market:

Jen Wagner Co.

I call her the “queen of feminine fonts.” Jen’s fonts are gorgeous and range from delicate scripts to super condensed vintage sans serif fonts. You’re bound to find something that you fall in love with in her shop.

The Routine Creative

Wonderfully modern fonts that stand out just enough without being too wild + un-readable. He also has beautiful business collateral templates for things like eBooks, posters, magazines, and resumes.

Emma Make

Emma creates abstract patterns, smooth illustrations, and eye-catching templates, all while incorporating just a little bit of whimsy. Her digital designs are inspired by vintage finds, current moods, and the natural world.

Station Seven

My go-to resource when I need clean + modern templates for social media and branding. Besides their amazing skills in Wordpress + Squarespace template design, this husband + wife team use clean typography and the art of minimalism to create timeless designs.

New Tropical Design

This shop has a bit of everything, from mockups, fonts, graphics, color palettes and more. The designs are definitely more on the modern side, with elements that push the boundary of “been there, seen that” and express a lot of individualism.


I recommend finding resources that inspire and motivate you, especially as a creative. Continuously learning from your peers is what can set you apart as a business, and this platform has done just that for me! Plus, I love that I can recommend the same content to business owners who need great tools at a lower price—it’s a win-win!

*This post contains affiliate links for Creative Market. While I receive a small commission off of purchases through this link, all opinions and copy are my own!

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