Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen with OXO + method

[Disclaimer: These products were given free of charge, but all of the opinions shared are my own!]


Cleaning + organizing is my jam. No, really–I live to tidy up. The first time I stepped inside The Container Store, I was so overwhelmed with possibilities I had to leave. True story. Give me a closet, bedroom, kitchen or pantry that needs some sprucing up and I'm your girl. On an unrelated note, I may need to get out more. 

When spring rolls around, society gives me an excuse to clean and organize because "spring cleaning" is a thing. A wonderful thing. So what do I do? I go through every room in the house and tackle the mess with authority. My favorite room to clean and organize? The kitchen, of course. This baby is full of crumbs, snacks, dust and for some reason lots and lots of coffee grounds, even though I use a Keurig. 

It's no secret that OXO is one of my ultimate favorite brands ever when it comes to home and kitchen items.



currently loving these Oxo products:


Hate the grimy sink mess? Yup, me too. This lil' organizer makes holding, draining and organizing your sink a snap. 

DISH Squeegee

Leftover food on your plates? The flexible silicone and combination of flat and curved edges makes clearing dishes a breeze.

Large Sink Mat

It's like a pillow for your sink—this sink mat protects dishes from chipping and scratching. It's designed to let air and water to flow freely, helping keep mildew build-up away.

PAlm Brush

Scrub out tough stains without leaving a mark. This handheld sponge is durable for thorough cleaning yet still safe for non-stick, ceramic, glass cookware and glass bakeware. 

16" TurnTAble

Make the most of pantry space and save yourself a deep reach (plus spinning it is a blast). With non-slip feet and a deep ledge, this turntable keep items in place. 

Method Products

All of method's products are my jam, and I'm really digging the new limited edition collection. The new metallic finishes almost make these soaps and cleaning sprays a home accessory! Score.



My two absolute favorites from the above play really well together—the 16" OXO turntable and method cleaning products. I can put all of my cleaning products on the turntable and place it under the kitchen sink. When I'm ready to clean, all I need to do is spin the table and voila! My cleaning product is right there for me. PS—if you're going to try the new method limited edition metallic collection, go for the "Burnished Cedar" scent. It smells JUST like men's cologne.

Do you have a favorite kitchen cleaning gadget or tool? Please share with the queen of clean and organization in that comment section below. Happy spring cleaning, everyone!



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