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How I Manage My Time As An Entrepreneur (Plus a free Calendar printable!)

Whenever I'm talking to new clients or friends that have a side hustle, it seems like time management is everyone’s biggest struggle. There’s so much to do in a day, not enough time to do it and it can be really overwhelming. I knew I needed to figure out my time management when I had quit my full-time job and was still working 10-12 hours a day.

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Freebie: Email Marketing Worksheets

Alright, let's face it: email marketing is not the sexiest topic to talk about. Every day we get bombarded with tons of emails urging us to "BUY NOW" and "DON'T MISS THIS!" and it goes through one ear and out the other.So if we're so trained to hate emails, why should your business send any out? Well, my dear, I'm about to flip your mindset upside down. 

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