The Importance of Color Personalities

The Busy Bee Megan Baylerian Squarespace Design The Importance of Color Personalities

Today we're going to dig deep into the importance of a color scheme and how it can help your brand grow and personality shine! In other words, today requires a little extra coffee and possible an additional read or two. Are you in? Let’s do it.

All jokes aside (I mean, you can’t really joke about coffee, I know I know)—color is so important to your business and your personality within your business, so I like to talk about it as much as possible.


So what exactly is a “color personality?”


Girl, it’s exactly what it sounds like—envision those dreamy aura photos, where someone identifies what your “aura” is based on the colors that show up in a photo. No matter what your beliefs are, this is a great metaphor for today’s chat because when you are identifying what your business color personality is, a lot of that comes from within.

There are a few ways to do identify your business' color personality. Here’s what I’d recommend first, before anything else:

  1. Take a look at your current Instagram feed—there's a color in there that always seems to show up without you even trying. Take that color, set it aside.

  2. For the same reason as above, look at the current branding you have. What color did your gut tell you to go with when you created your logo? If you don't have a logo yet, what color are you leaning towards? Set it aside.

  3. We’re getting old school now. What’s your favorite color? Set it aside.

Now, stay with me here. I want you to write down 5-7 adjectives that describe your business, then Google the 3 colors you set aside above. From there, I think you’ll find that your gut may be right about what your primary color for your personality should be. Looking at the colors and how they are meant to be perceived, find one that best describes your business.

From here, it’s a little scientific. It can be done on your own but may be best done with a branding expert. Either way, there’s a series of things to look out for so that your color scheme and personalities are cohesive, such as:

  1. Mixing cool and warm colors

  2. Make sure there’s a difference between the tone of all of your colors. A bright red and blue may just look like building blocks, but a deep rose and light sky blue may end up gorgeous together

  3. How you’re establishing a point to be taken. In other words, you’ll most likely need 1 color that shouts “DO THIS!”

Creating your business' color personality is just one of the steps in building your business. Once you have that established, you'll have a better idea about how your business will be perceived, the voice you'll use when you speak and write and how you'll interact with clients or customers.