What 2 Years in Business Has Looked Like

What 2 Years in Business Has Looked Like - The Busy Bee Blog

If you don’t know this about me by now, I’m the touchy-feely type. I love to see the meaning in things, learn lessons and live my life with passion and love. So you can imagine that hitting the 2-year mark in business has brought a lot of feelings for this lil’ busy bee. Today, I thought we would share a few wins, a few lessons learned and some memories from the last two years:

When I first decided to leave my full time job and start a business on my own, I knew I needed to jump in feet-first and sacrifice a few things and I really tried to make things work as an all-encompassing designer. I quickly learned that by offering #allthethings, I was setting myself for poor project management and would not be able to serve my clients in the best ways that I could. Because of this, I pivoted from offering a large range of design services to just a few.

I decided to take another risk and eliminate close to 60% of the income I was making at that time and focus on growing my design business on Squarespace. This was the second-best decision I’ve made as a business owner to this day. Being able to hone in on my craft allowed me to nearly double my prices in year 2 (and feel good about it).

The absolute best decision I’ve made ties closely into the biggest mistake I’ve made in my business. At first, I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off taking any and all income I could in order to make ends meet and continue to grow as a business owner. Once I sat down and created a client process, things ran more smoothly on both ends and allowed me to not only open up the volume of clients I could take but I also started booking months in advance which secured my income (a huge win).

As I reflect on two years in business, here are the top 3 tips I’d tell anyone to focus on:

  1. Create a client process

    It truly helps save you from dropping the ball and you can stay on top of projects in a professional manner.

  2. Write down monthly and annual goals and find a way to hold yourself accountable

    I knew I’d have to make ends meet and take projects I wasn’t necessarily passionate about at first, but as I slowly started to build out my studio calendar, I focused on my niche and stuck to it!

  3. Make self-care a priority

    You set boundaries and processes to better serve your clients to create less stressful relationship, so don’t forget to do the same with yourself.

If you’re a business owner,  you know the ups and downs we all encompass, especially in the early years. As I move into year 3, I’m thankful for my clients, my passion, my team and most importantly, my craft. I’m feeling grateful for this journey and looking forward to continue sharing what I learn along the way with you!

What 2 Years in Business Has Looked Like - The Busy Bee