What a Moodboard Is and Why Your Brand Needs One


According to Google, “A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition”. Want more of an explanation than what Google is giving you? Read on, bug.

For every branding client I take on, the first thing I do is make a moodboard for their brand. This is the perfect way to create a cohesive, visual expectation between myself and the client. This is the foundation of every business and allows you to refer back to it if you ever need a clear answer to your branding questions or feelings you want to evoke within your customers or clients.

So, how do you create a moodboard? I’m so glad you asked, boo. Here are a few things I always keep in mind to ensure each board is beneficial:

The Busy Bee Small Business Branding Moodboard Brand Guide
The Busy Bee Small Business Branding Moodboard Brand Guide
The Busy Bee Small Business Branding Moodboard Brand Guide

Step One

If you don’t already have a color preference, I take a look at the industry as a whole, and see what they’re doing. Finding inspiration from your competitors is not only useful but it allows you to maintain a slight step above by modernizing your brand without making it too crazy. Then, I look at the psychology of colors and make sure it fits well with what you want to portray for your brand. For example, yellow gives off an energetic, warm, and happy feeling while orange portrays a courageous and confident vibe.

Step Two

Once colors are set, I start to look at photos that will inspire you and be consistent with your brand. Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration to search adjectives and styles that would best fit your brand. Other sites like Unsplash are perfect for free photos that will portray your brand in a visual way. Aside from those, here’s a little insider secret: I’ve found that some of the best photos come from well-curated Instagram feeds!

Step Three

With any creative process, once I finish a moodboard, I put it away for a day to let it sink in. When I come back, sometimes there’s a photo or color that stick out like a sore thumb (and no one wants a sore thumb on their brand!) From there, I replace the odd ducks and perfect it until it’s ready to be delivered!


Here’s one final secret among secrets and vulnerable fact about moodboards: there’s no right way to do it. There, I said it! Templates, number of colors, images- it’s only right when it’s right for you. For each client, I prioritize the aesthetic and feeling of the brand before trying to fit a rectangle photo into a square. Besides, who ever succeeded by fitting a rectangle into a square?