What To Do if You're in a Business or Life Slump (Plus a Free Gratitude Sheet Printable!)


Some say your twenties is the time when you grow the most. I actually never really believed that until I hit my mid twenties because BOY do things change. Your body, your idea of sacrifices, your mindset, what is important to you and your relationships all become a learning experience that mold you into this butterfly you didn’t think was in that beautiful mind of yours.

I’ve always been aware of certain parts about my personality, how to determine when I’m in a slump and what my mind does to avoid facing my problems (I mean, everyone looks at Pinterest recipes for hours instead of calling back an angry client, right? No? Just me?) After a few heartbreaks and challenges over the years, I’ve really narrowed down how to determine if I’m in a slump both personally and professionally, and how to get out of it in the best possible way.


Here ARE 3 small things you can do to check yourself out of A hotel slump:


1. Reach out to someone

I always try to talk to a friend or family member when I feel those not-so-great thoughts coming up. You’d be surprised how quickly an outsider's perspective can help.

2. Get in touch with your spiritual side

Grabbing my devotional or bible is always really helpful to see the big picture and jump back into what I feel my purpose is. For you, this could be a journal, a book you’re reading, yoga or meditation! Connect with a bigger purpose to help put everything into perspective.

3. Re-work your mind

A huge thing that has helped me is to understand that I am in control of my mindset. If you got a terrible client email yesterday, allow yourself to also think about the awesome client email you got the day before that. Letting yourself feel the slump is important — don’t disregard your feelings just so that you can get past them. Then, re-work your mindset to be in a more positive space—doing this will benefit your life during the easy and hard times.

At the end of the day, becoming self aware and bringing attention to the things that make you feel your best is going to make the hard times a little easier to tolerate. You deserve to flourish both professionally and personally and using tactics you find beneficial is going to make all the difference! And while you’re learning, a glass of wine or extra serving of dessert never hurts 😉


Download my FREE 30 Days of Gratitude Printable

Looking for a space to write down what you’re grateful for? I’ve got you, babe. I put together this 30 Days of Gratitude printable as a way for you to track all the positive things in your life to use as a resource for when you’re in a slump. Write down one new thing a day and watch your mindset shift!