Where To Start When You DIY Your Own Squarespace Website

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One of the best parts about deciding what you want your site to look like is going through other sites and seeing what parts you love. Sure, the templates are already created, but all are editable to complement your personal branding. It’s a win-win!

If you saw the last post I did, you’ll know that the #1 tip I have when DIY your own website is to pick a template and update it. That's nice and all, but how and where do you find these templates? It’s actually not as easy as you’d think! I’ve spent a lot of time on Google and Pinterest finding templates and have rounded up my favorite places to find them on my resources page just for you, but I’ve listed even more right here in this post:

Okay, so you’ve found a template you like, check. That means the hard part is done, and we’re on to the easy and fun part of this whole experience. That being said, when you find a template you love, make sure to find out if you need Photoshop to edit and customize the graphics before purchasing. That information is very important, especially if you’re on a budget! Photoshop is easy to use and learn, but does require a monthly subscription. Once you know that info, you can literally copy and paste code into your site or follow the provided tutorial videos on how to customize the site using Squarespace's Style Editor!

It sounds easy, and want to make sure to tell you that while there are some easy parts, there are also some that are a little more challenging. But it’s all good, boo! The control is in your hands, and you’re going to rock this DIY project. And, if you need any support, my resources page was built specifically for you.