Why a Brand Voice is Crucial to the Success of Your Business

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Okay, let’s sit down and chat for a second. I have my second cup of coffee for the day and I want to dig into the nitty gritty of something I didn’t even realize was important until I prioritized it: MY VOICE.

No no, not the voice I have when I’m talking to my barista and ordering coffee—I’m talking about my brand voice and the one you hear when we have a phone call or coffee date together. But guess what, people: there isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a difference. (*GASP*)

I always thought that I needed to have a very professional poise about me, especially as a business owner. I needed to know my stuff and appear way older than I am in order to be successful. My Instagram posts would read unnatural and salsey, and I’d cringe when I went back through them weeks later, feeling like I was on someone else’s feed.

Without really thinking about it, I decided to just give it a shot: the whole "talking-on-the-internet-like-I-do-in-real-life" thing. I had nothing to lose, and I knew my goals aligned with connecting with more people. How was I supposed to connect with them if I wasn’t trying on my end?

So about a year and a half ago, I took the leap and started literally typing out what I would say to a friend on my Instagram posts. That quickly lead into redoing the voice on my site and I can honestly say that the time saved by just word vomiting (intelligently, of course *hair flip emoji*) my point on all platforms is incredible. It makes sense when you put it all together—you know you’re at my space, you’re safe here AND when we hop on the phone together, you know it’s me.

The best part is that when my team is helping me write things (like this blog post, for example), the expectation of communication in my voice is always there. My writer sends me a list of questions that I answer in my own words and my opinions are portrayed in each and every post. From there, I see the post before it’s live and I can change things around to feel more “me.”

I consider my voice fun, relatable and comfortable. It’s important to maintain professionalism, because, you know #WorkLife, but I’d say it’s been easier since I just became myself on the internet. It all comes full circle since being a creative person gives me the freedom to help other companies show their creativity and personalities—it’s part of why I decided to become a graphic designer in the first place!

Since I strive to have an easy-going, comfortable and relatable voice, it’s easy for me to find other brands and people that portray things I believe in online. I think these people are winning when it comes to their brand voice:

1. Big Cat Creative

Erica is like a ray of sunshine. She seems bubbly, approachable and fun to work with. I mean, isn’t that what work should be about?

2. Aerie

This company has been coming up more and more for me recently. I remember when the brand launched when I was younger, but as an adult, their empowering and strong campaigns get me every time.

3. The Skimm

This is a brand that had to have been created for me. Like, the owners saw me in my apartment thinking “this poor girl will never read the news, we must help”. For years, it’s like they compile the stories that are important to me, talk to me in layman’s terms and I can walk out the door educated and still avoid the morning news. WINNING.

There’s been a rise of more companies and business owners keepin’ it real online (which I love). 
What are a couple your favorites? Name drop them in the comments section below!