Why You Should Work with A Squarespace Circle Designer

The Busy Bee Megan Baylerian Squarespace Circle Squarespace Discount

Whether you’re currently a Squarespace designer or looking to hire a Squarespace designer, I found that working as a Squarespace Circle member has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Want to know what the ham a“ Squarespace Circle Member” is? Good question!

Being a Squarespace Circle member allows those that are managing and designing your site to pass on some insider knowledge and savings to you as the customer. It was built to encourage the designer and developer community to use the platform (I didn’t need convincing—it’s my fav!)

The reason I wanted to share with you that I, myself, am a handy-dandy Squarespace Circle member is because there is a lot of great benefits I get to pass on to clients! And, if you’re a designer yourself, I'm pretty sure this will encourage you to take the leap as well!

Here’s the breakdown. But first, which are you? A client, or a designer? Find where you are and let’s knock it all out:

For Clients:

The benefits of working with a Squarespace Circle member ultimately boil down to discounts you could receive on your site.

  • When your site is being built, you receive a two week trial period on the platform to see if it’s for you. This means that before the site is even live, you may need to start paying for your time on the platform. By working with a Squarespace Circle member, you get a whopping 6-month trial period for your site. That means you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for your site until it’s live and ready for the world to see.

  • You’re eligible to receive up to 20% off your first year of website or annual plan. The next best best discount I’ve seen is only 10%!

For Designers:

As a designer, the benefits of becoming a Squarespace Circle member (which, by the way, is very easy—all you need is a website + portfolio and to be an admin or contributor of at least 3 sites to apply) ultimately boil down to the available information you have at your fingertips.

  • You get exclusive content and announcements of new features to pass onto clients as soon as they’re available. This means you can ensure your client’s site is the most up-to-date.

  • As a Squarespace Circle member, you are looked at as an “experienced user” with their customer care team and allows you to get more efficient answers when you need them. This saves both you and your client time—it's a win-win, people.

I decided to go for it and apply about a year ago to ultimately offer any discount savings I can to my clients. You’re already investing a lot in the future of your business, anywhere we can work together to pull a few strings is a-ok with me.

Disclaimer: this is not an affiliation with Squarespace in anyway.

The Busy Bee Megan Baylerian Squarespace Circle Member