Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar


Whenever I'm talking to new clients or friends that have a side hustle, it seems like time management is everyone’s biggest struggle. There’s so much to do in a day, not enough time to do it and it can be really overwhelming. I knew I needed to figure out my time management when I had quit my full-time job and was still working 10-12 hours a day. And here’s the kicker: whether you own a business or not you are likely only productive for approximately 3 hours a day.  That means anything in addition to that is added stress, pressure and unrealistic expectations.

So, I decided to get things together and allow myself the most productive day and healthy mindset in order to create growth for my business.

I organize my tasks and due dates by month and week. This allows me to spend some of that low-key time to prospect new clients for the next month if I have the availability; ultimately continuing to allow growth for my business. I use a monthly calendar to view my client schedule on a longer-term basis (rather than weekly-basis). Want to get in on the monthly calendar fun? Of course you do, boo. Click the button below to download my FREE monthly printable calendar.

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